Ugo2VJames: Taking music and movies to a new height

Kingsley Orlu│ 28 July 2020 │ 12:00

JOHANNESBURG – South Africa’s music industry continues to evolve with emerging artists. Ugo Tuvi James Igwebe, aka “Ugo2VJames,” is one of such artists to reckon with.  Over the years, the artist has built his profile in the entertainment industry to be considered as a sort-after actor, film director and gospel artist.

Ugo2VJames is soon to take the industry by storm as the clock ticks toward the release of his new gospel song collection. His popular songs making wave in the music industry include “Lamb of Glory”, “Victorious” and “Worship You Forever.”

The multi-talented artist represents the Pan African entertainment breed. His music and home movie career began way back in West Africa, progressing through the Nollywood industry with movies including “The List”, “Boju Boju – web series”, “Assorted”, “Tongue”, “She was my best friend”, “Teenage Games”, “Preacher’s House”, “Single father”, and “Blackheart.”

Ugo2VJames said “The new song collection is lined-up to take his fans and other gospel music lovers by surprise when released. According to him, it has always been a passion and pleasure telling stories through songs and movies that transcend culture, tribe and nation. In 2017, Ugo2VJames received South Africa’s TAMVAAS “Legendary actor” award.

The artist draws inspiration from Africa’s rich diversity and a plethora of deep stories. He is one of such that recognizes that through story-telling, Africans can address challenges such as gender-based violence, xenophobia, tribalism, and other injustices. Outstanding movies written, directed and produced by Ugo2VJames include “Guilty as charged” and “Dollar girls.”

Ugo2VJames’ songs and videos currently trending can be accessed on Youtube and online music stores:

Arise ‘N’ Shine

Lamb of Glory

No other God

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