ANC continued to learn its lessons at the 2019 general elections

Our Pretoria reporter│ 10 May 2019 │ 10:00

As the results of the May 8 national elections keep trickling in, parties are getting to know where they stand in the distribution of political powers. There seem to be very little surprise outcomes across the municipal, provincial, and national levels following performances at the pools.

Vote counts among parties with respect to the national parliamentary level appears to be insignificant in terms of margins. This may impact hugely on the level of confidence in the next political dispensation as it gives a sense that business may be as usual.

The outcome of the voting is expected to serve as a useful means of measuring the performance impact of political activities prior to the elections as well as ascertaining the strength of the various political parties.

At the provincial level, incoming results of the elections seem promising for major players such as the African National Congress (ANC), Democratic Alliance (DA), and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), and the Vryheidsfront Plus (VF PLUS). These major contending parties are hopeful to maintain fairly competitive results at the provincial pools.

Early Friday morning 75% ballot counts show the following results for the big five:

ANC – 57% (7,202,712)

DA – 21% (2,781,923)

EFF – 10% (1,276,959)

IFP – 3% (389,118)

VF PLUS – 2% (314,223)

The ANC commenced its campaign by awakening itself to more fundamental questions of integrity and organizational renewal. The party has in the last 25 years taken a form that can be described beyond a political party

The ANC promises to prove that it is a party that better understands the act of navigating its political terrain. For the ruling party, more works have been identified that need to be done to reposition the party. This speaks to the assumption that the party’s all-time manifesto templates may have had little or no brush-ups, given the more than 25 years of democratic leadership experiences.

Many of the newly registered parties, so far, have made a very little impact at the national pools, contrary to speculations that their presence may amount to a significant distortion in the status quo.

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